Our first collection, our “signature collection”, “L’Intemporelle” was launched last summer. As each of our (future) collection it has a theme and for this first collection it’s classical music. This theme is inspired by Diana Balogh – Varadi’s founder – two passions: classical music and heels and as such she wanted to incorporate classical music elements in all of the 6 models composing the collection (which has not always been very easy to do, believe us ;-)).

Why the name “L’Intemporelle”?

The word “Intemporelle” in French means timeless. Diana chose this name for her first collection for two reasons:

  • She wanted her first collection to be timeless with shoes that could be worn throughout the day, from the office to date night.
  • Passionate about classical music, she also wanted to include a musical element in her first collection’s name, i.e. the word “tempo” symbolising musical beat.

The 6 models of our “signature collection”:

The “Alexandra”Modèle de chaussures de la marque Varadi

This is our “flagship” model. Inspired by piano. The instrument’s black keys are symbolised by the black leather straps as well as the black chunky pieces on top of the shoe. The white keys are represented by the white sole and the white backbone of the shoe.

The model comes in black/white and navy/white.


The “Helena”Modèle de chaussures de la marque Varadi

The name Helena has been chosen because this intertwined straps style is similar to that of ancient Greek sandals.

It’s Diana’s favourite model. She wanted the collection to have a model that was more « couture », like a piece of art, very sophisticated and elegant, starting by choosing suede calfskin as main material.

Her inspiration for this model was the “treble key”. As she wanted this model to be more sophisticated than the others, she thought about a more complex design with some bits of the treble key intertwining others. She also wanted to make sure it would be possible to circle the ankle three times, giving this model a sexy but delicate twist.

The “Serena”Modèle de chaussures de la marque Varadi

As Diana wanted the collection to have a black-tie event type of model, she designed the “Serena”. Her inspiration for this model was the “bass key” as well as the gold and black official “Varadi” colours.

The complexity of this model was to incorporate the bass key at the center of the shoe, in three different sizes but keeping it loose enough to fit each shape of feet. The result is a shoe that has character, while being elegant.


The “Victoria”

Shoe model from the shoe brand Varadi

If you like timeless but with a funky twist the “Victoria” is for you! For her first collection Diana also wanted to include a model that was more timeless and wearable at any time of the day and for any type of event. Her inspiration for the “Victoria” were the five lines of the musical stave.

The material chosen was calfskin leather, but the softer version to keep the shoe comfortable.

The model comes in black and navy.


The “Olympe”Shoe model of shoe brand Varadi

If your style is a mix of casual and creativity with a twist of preppy you will like the “Olympe”! The designer’s inspiration for this model was the harp and its delicate strings. To allow the strings to fit all the different feet shapes rubber bands have been added on both sides of the shoe enabling to effortlessly slip in.

The model comes in black and navy.

The “Marina”

Shoe model of shoe brand Varadi

This model is the most casual of the collection. It can be worn throughout the day. Her inspiration for the “Marina” was the “Quaver”. To give an original twist to this rather classic shape, Diana imagined a design were the quaver would be carved in the leather instead of simply printed.

The model comes in black and beautiful burgundy.


Did you enjoy reading this post and discovering the story behind each of our shoe design? Please give us your feedback in the comments.

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